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Durarara!!, デュラララ!!
Please leave feedback about your purchase here, including details about the price, transaction process, communication, and whatever else you feel is relevant. Thank you ( ゚▽゚  )

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Price for 6 doujins: $33~
Communication was through the sales page and PM. I made an offer lower than the asking price, and it was accepted. The books came in great condition wrapped in newspaper and packaged in a large envelope. Thank you for the great buying experience, I love the doujin!

1 doujin / $10 / paypal / LJ & PM
Easy to talk with and fast shipping with reasonable pricing as well :D I'm really happy with my book. Thank you!

Price for 2 doujins with overseas shipping: 17$ / Paypal
Communication was done through LJ PMs.
The sender shipped my items really fast, the packaging was good and my items are in great condition! Will buy again if I find items that I like!

Price for 6 doujinshi to Canada: $47 + another doujinshi
Transaction through paypal and communication through LJ PMs.
Quick to reply, very understanding and reasonable price! Seller shipped the items in great condition! Thank you very much!!! :D

I received my books today in great condition. Ordering from you is always a pleasure. ^^

Price for 6 doujinshi: $32 and an included bonus! ($3 US shipping)
Paid via PayPal and good communication though the LJ comments and PM.

The package was received today and all the books were safe and sound in the newspaper+envelope. They were all in great condition!

Overall a smooth transaction and awesome offered prices. Always happy to buy from you ^__^ Thank you so much ♥

I paid $14 for 2 dj + US shipping. I used paypal and communicated through comments and PM.

Easy, quick, and my books are in great condition. Thank you!

Price for one doujinshi + international shipping: 12$
Communication with the seller was very good, the shipping really fast, and my book arrived in perfect condition! Thank you very much!

18 doujinshi + international shipping: $102
Transaction via PayPal
Communication via LJ

It took a little while to send out, but the seller was always accomodating to my various questions, and the packages themselves arrived in wonderful condition. Very affordable prices, very friendly service, and very much recommended~!!

I will definitely be a returning customer when there is something of interest! ♥♥♥

I bought 2 copy books and 2 doujinshis, the total being $20 USD, including international shipping. The transaction was done via PayPal and it went smooth and without trouble. The price altogether was quite cheap, compared to other sales posts.

The seller was rather slow at replying, but that's to be expected as she too is human and has a life. She was very friendly, though, and was always willing to answer any questions that I may have had. And despite how I kept changing my decision about the items I wanted to buy, she didn't say anything of it and was very patient with me.

Thank you very much!

12 doujinshis + international shipping $99
Payment method: PAYPAL

Great items, communication a little slow, but very kind seller.

Thank you very much =D

One Manga vol: $1 + $2.10 shipping through PayPal
Was practically new and arrived really quick and safely packaged. Everything was easy and flawless. I definitely would buy again from you, thanks so much!

Bought 8 books via Paypal.
Shipping was normal and sadly, the box came crushed and half opened. Due to this books were a bit damaged but for the price, a great deal! (:
Communication was a bit slow (did got be a bit worry)
Overall, very nice and friendly seller.
Thank you~

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Hi there,

I truly apologize for that. I had pre-packed them in a smaller/fitted box and my mom dropped them off at the office, but I suppose it was changed it to a bigger box. If there's anything else I can do please let me know. They were in great condition and I'm again sorry that you received them in this condition.

Its no problem, I'm fine w/ it!(:
Thanks for the concern!

9 books + shipping to canada; 51$

The book arrived in great conditions, also, the communication was smooth. c:
Thank you!

Pricing for 5 doujins/priority shipping: $54.95. Definitely reasonable for the number of pages two of them had.
Great and friendly seller, she was fast responding and the books came in great condition too! The shipping was quick, before the estimated delivery. I'd definitely buy from her again~ :)
Thank you!

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