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SALES: Doujinshi
Durarara!!, デュラララ!!
SALE INFO (Last Updated 01/2014)
Please read all of the following information for the sake of clarity and a quick, easy transaction!
First, an overview of the books (PLEASE READ):

- Information is listed in the following order Title, page count, rating, and price. Books are numbered from left to right in rows and circle names/pairings are always included when possible. In the case you're interested in something but have a question or there is a lack of info, please ask and I'll do my best to find out!


        - PERSONA 4

- CONDITION: ALL BOOKS are in extremely mint and well-kept condition unless noted otherwise.
- LANGUAGE: All books are in Japanese.
- SAMPLE PAGES: I link to the Doujinshi Database or Baka-Updates Manga to provide sample pages and other information about the book if it's listed there. In extreme cases of laziness, I just link to it for all of the book's info. Additional samples are available upon request.

- PRICING, PAYMENT: Prices are listed for all books and are usually close to or below their original value. If you feel the need to make an offer, please do. Payment is via PayPal ONLY including merchant fees: $0.30 + 2.9% as listed on PayPal's fee website here. It's the safest and quickest method for both the buyer and seller. If you need help setting up an account, I'd be happy to walk you through it.
- SHIPPING INFO: Shipping is done via MEDIA MAIL y default, is the cheapest, and is not insured. This method is more or less safe and everything gets where it needs to be 99.9% of the time but sometimes things get lost - this is the fault of the post, and I can't be held responsible. Other shipping methods are available upon request, like First Class, Priority, etc. OVERSEAS SHIPPING IS FINE, but the cost will be higher due to weight and insurance.
- PACKAGING: I usually wrap the books in newspaper and use a standard large envelope.
- ANYTHING ELSE? Please do feel free to ask by commenting here or sending me a PM, and I'll definitely get back to you within 24 hours.


Circle: DOKUBOU (YamaGoku. Perhaps my favorite 8059 author. Usually quaint, school days, and almost cannon love stories.)

1. Utakata, R15, ~25p. $8
2. After TG R18 info $7
3. GG/TG R18 info $7
4. 424 R18 info $7

5. halfsoul 1 AND halfsoul 2 R18 (compiled; the link out just describes one part of the book and is the back cover) info $9

Circles: Amatou (甘党, MukuHiba), Apple of Eden (HibaTsuna, Abee (蜂不二子, DinoHiba, HibaTsuna, MukuTsuna)

1 Info here $7
5 Info here $7
2 Book info here. A rare girl!Tsuna x Hibari. $8
6 Book info here A rare magical boy!Tsuna x Hibari. $9
3 エロメガネ Info $8
4 Heki  $6 info
7 Can't figure the title but Tsuna and co. run a dirty doujin circle. Inappropriateness ensues. info  $7
8 Dino Bank a ~7p Copy book with colored covers info $3

Circle: NEGAHYST (ネガヒスト; MukuTsuna, HibaTsuna, both)

1 MINT unused clear file; large enough to be useful, semi-glossy and opaque with beautiful art. $4
2 BELOW CLEAR FILE: MINT illustrated postcard given out by Negahyst at events. $1

3 Bitter (Hibari suit cover) -
Info $10
4 Kuromitsu (Gold Mukuro cover) -
Info $12
5 Shiromitsu (Silver Hibari cover) -
Info $12
6 Sweet (Mukuro suit cover) -
Info $10
7 Asterisk -
Info $11

8 Pearl info $12
9 Sanctuary info $13
10 Diamond info $12
11 Bocky ~10p with the theme of pocky and kisses. scans here PG $6

MISC CIRCLES (details near title)

1 Fiamma  YamaxTsuna ~20p R-18; $6 scans

2 and 3:
Untitled uke-Yamamoto books, all ~30 p, $5 each, and R18, except for 3, which is PG. 2 is TYL!Yamax Younger!Yama, 3 is 3 Multiple Yamamotos just... flirting with each other and others ppl. Yep.
4 Yamamoto uke anthology
Bokura no Ai  ~30p  R18; $5 by 9M and SqualoTsuna
YamaGoku Copy book, ~10p. PG. $3 samples of her work here
7 Full Throttle ~15p R18 $4 by justbefore; YamaGoku
8 DokiDoki MukuTsuna Kiss Anthology (100+ pages) A MukuTsuna anthology that is cute. $8

Circle: Chuukara Coffee (中辛珈琲, YamaHiba, HibaYama, YamaYama)

1 Self-service - Info $12
2 Yamamo+ - Info $9
3 Yamamo -
Info $9
4 Hands off! -
Info $7
5 Stay! -
Info $7
6 Pinks -
Info $6
7 Chaos! -
Info $7

CIRCLE: Apple of Eden (Includes some repeats from before and some new ones. Sorry!)

APPLE OF EDEN HibaTsuna; 13 has a tiny bit of MukuTsuna
1 Book info here A rare magical boy!Tsuna x Hibari. $9
6 Book info here. A rare girl!Tsuna x Hibari. $8
12 Book info here $5
15 Book info here $4


COVERS INDICATE PAIRINGS: GokuTsuna, MukuTsuna, and HibaTsuna
1 Book info here $3
2 Book info here $3
3 CHERRY ~40P R18; $6
4 Untitled ~30p R18; $5
5 8059 #1 ~40p R18; $5
6 Book info here $3
7 8059 #2 ~40p R18; $5
8 Book info here $4


1 Book info here $5
2 Book info here $5
3 Book info here $6
4 Book info here $5
5 Book info here $6
6 Book info here $5
7 Reprint book. Info here $9
Black Pirates 8-13 - SOLD


1 Waaarning, IzayaxShizuoxIzaya R18 info $8
2 シズちゃんを IzayaxShizuo R18 info $8
3 Desire Switch ShizuoxKasuka R18 info $6
4 Knockin' on Heaven's Door, ShizuoxIzaya R18 info $7
5 Instant Heart, R18, info $5
6 BLACK OUT!!, ShizuoxIzaya Anthology R18 176p info $20
7 Kore Dakara Shizu-chan wa!! IzayaxShizuo R18 info $6
8 Heiwajima Kaitaku, IzayaxShizuo, Shizuo-uke R18 info $8


1 1LDK, ShinjiroxAkihiko info $11
2 Bremen the Under, MCxKanji R18 can be previewed here $9
3 Last Dance, AdachixMC, PG, here's her site: shell . lomo . jp/wss/ (delete the spaces!) $6
4 放課後X時間 - Kanji/Naoto-centric with hints of Mc/Yousuke info $6
All MCxYousuke
5 X Game - PG, cute and funny. Didn't find her book listed but here's samples of one book... $8
6 Sweet Doughnut in the Room (derp), info $8
7 GAME! info $6
8 Hanamura Senpai Motto! info $7

9 Wisteria Mist info $6
10 Hellborus info $9
11他人以外の何者でもない info $7
12 Starlet info $7
13 King's Kitchen PG no samples but author's entire listing here (same as #12) $6

14 Untitled by Light in the Night, MCxAdachi, melacncholy. Can't find samples but here's another one of her P4 books $5
15 C10H14N2 no Yuuutsu MCxDoujima 1-sided preview $9
16 沈黙の春, Cute MCxKanji info $6
17 Coffee With Milk, MCxDoujima Anthology info $9
18 R42 info AdachixDoujima with MC interaction $7
19 BACCAS info AdachixDouji $6

20 NIGHT by Yamadanon/+810 R18, here's listing/samples of a lot of books including her P4 stuff
Has Raidou x Dahn Tsukigata and Kanji-uke/Kanji's Shadow x Kanji $13

21 Foo! Danjo by 89sion, same chick who did #18 and #19 (her listing here). Stuff that happens: Kanji and Yukiko read BL comics and act silly together, slashing other members of the cast in their heads. Yukiko and Kanji try to sell BL doujin. Basically Yukiko is an amazing fujoshi. $7

22 AdachixMC but also focuses on Adachi's relationship to the Doujima family and co. PG info $7
23 Gomen ne, AdachixMC R18, info $7.5
24 Ai Doll, an Adachi Uke Anthology featuring lots of great P4 circles. R18 info $21
25 Ame info $7.5
26 Doujima ke Battle Royale, Doujima caught in between Adachi and MC, PG, author's entire listing here $4
27 Doujima to Adachi-san no Anthology, compilation book of AdachixDoujima stories, same as #26 info $16

28 摎鏘の音 info $8 (has 2 diff. artists, 2 stories)
Narumi x Raidou

Please be sure to read the top of this entry for helpful info on the process of buying, making offers, asking for samples, shipping, and contacting me. Some buyers will get Japanese goods freebies like charms, stickers, etc. Thank you!

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I'd be interested in the Hetalia Doujin
Paradisus for $15
Shipping goes to Germany~


There are 2 rates: Priority for $23.95 (I imaging you probs don't want to pay this lol) and then there's First Class which, considering the book+plastic cover is ~1 lb, comes to $12. Please lemme know if you're still interested.

Hey, well, as you already considered, I'll take the First Class shipping for $12.
Just let me know your PayPal address and I will send the money right away :)
Ah, and feel free to charge the PayPal fees since I can only choose the "goods" payment.

Ok! I will PM you with the payment details. Sorry for the delay!

Hi there I'm interested in a few of your KHR doujins~
Yamamoto uke anthology for $17
UOHSAOH: YamaGoku books 4 $5 and 6 $5
Misc circles: book 7 Full Throttle $4

I may be interested in UOSAOH book 7 $9 as well, but I wanted to know if 8059 is a pairing in that book.

And I'd like to switch the shipping and get tracking/insurance? I'm willing to pay the difference. I'm in the US 91765.

Edited at 2013-12-04 02:51 pm (UTC)

Yep, the compilation book (UOHSAOH #7) is about half of that book, so 80+ pages. In all, the books are ~4 lbs. A Priority mail medium box would be $13, which has tracking and takes ~2 days.

Ok! Then I'll want that 1 too then~ So if I use that what would the total be? I may decide to go with media mail and just include tracking/shipping lol

That was the shipping for all 5 of the books you asked :) In light of that, do you still wanna use media mail? For that much it's about $7-8 since I gotta buy a box in addition to the postage.

Oh ok! Then we'll just go with the $13 priority mail then. So I owe you... $53 all together? Want me to PM you my address?

Hi there!

Could I offer you $10 for the 1LDK, ShinjiroxAkihiko doujinshi? I would also like to ask, what would be the price difference between first class and priority? My zip code is 95051.

Thank you!

Sure, I accept! Priority is $5.95, whereas standard is about $6... so around the same in this case..

Thanks! I will take priority shipping. Does it come with tracking?

Also, I believe a PM would be best for exchanging info?

Yes, it'll automatically have a tracking number. I'll PM you shortly.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, it is! Where are you located so I can calculate shipping? You can PM me if you prefer.

Hi! Do you still have #24 Ai Doll for sale?

Yes, I do; I can calculate shipping with your zip. Feel free to send it by PM if you want ^^

Hi again~ Wondering if yous still have these 3 doujins?
2. After TG R18 info $7
3. GG/TG R18 info $7
4. 424 R18 info $7

Oh and sorry, 1 more if you have this 1 too!
Chuukara Coffee (3) Yamamo -$9

Hello, I'd be interested in purchasing Durarara!! Waaarning as well as BLACK OUT!! zip code 72112

Hello there, are you still selling this book?
17 Coffee With Milk, MCxDoujima Anthology info $9

Yup, I am! If you're interested you can PM your address so I can give you a quote for shipping ^^

Heya it's been a while since your post but any chance are you still selling these?

13 King's Kitchen

Or any other Adachi/Doujima doujin? :3

Yup, anything not crossed out is still for sale, those 2 included. Aside from those, I'd say 22 and 26 has some Adachi/Doujima focus but also with the MC. 22 focuses on how Adachi's interactions (trust, guilt, etc) change over time with MC and the Doujima family. 26 is MC and Adachi vying for Doujima's love and is more funny/gag. if you need more previews or not, lemme know either way~

Ah awesome thank you for the recs :D I'm interested in these three!

13 King's Kitchen
26 Doujima ke Battle Royale

What would shipping be to Aus?

It's a bit over 2lbs including the bubble envelope, and first class to AUS is $18.

I can do that. Let me know what the totals are and I'll send payment :D

Hello! I know it's been a while, but are you still selling these? I'm interested in #5 X Game and #21 Foo! Danjo, and I'm at USA 01063.

yes, they're available, i've PM'd you with the details!

Hey! I sent a PM a week ago but figured I'd leave a comment in case.

Sorry for posting again, but I think my messages didn't get through.

Hi, is the Narumi x Raidou doujinshi still available? I'd like to buy it if it is. My zip code's 94539 ^-^

Hello there~

I apologize for pulling up such an old post, but I was wondering if you were still selling doujins here?

If so, do you still have these two:

15 C10H14N2 no Yuuutsu
17 Coffee With Milk

Would you be willing to accept $15 for them together? (not including shipping, of course)

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear back from you!

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