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SALES: Figures, DVDs, CDs, Goods, and Misc.
Durarara!!, デュラララ!!
SALE INFO (Last Updated 09/2013)
Up for sale are figures, DVDs, CDs, and other goods I no longer have interest in, space for, or money to keep. Please read all of the following information for the sake of clarity and a quick, easy transaction
First, a overview of the items (PLEASE READ):

All items are in MINT condition unless otherwise noted. OFFERS ALLOWED!

Evangleion Ichiban Kuji Petite Figures - Cool nendoroid-like miniatures; extremely mint condition.

- Box set, Platinum version DVDs, and Director's Cuts
Last Exile Box set, individual DVDs
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Mini Disc Ed.)
Corpse Bride (Full Screen Ed.)

NEON GENESIS Evangelion Neon Genesis Evangelion OST
Psycho Le Cemu - Beautiful World **FIRST PRESS and AUTOGRAPHED by all members!

PRICING, PAYMENT: Prices are listed for all books; if you feel the need tomake a offer, please do. Payment is vi PayPal ONLY including merchant fees: $0.30 + 2.9% as listed on PayPal's fee website here. It's the safest and quickest method for both the buyer and seller If you need help setting up an account, I'd be happy to walk you through it
SHIPPING INFO: Shipping is done via EDIA MAIL y default, is the cheapest, and i not insured. This method is very safe and everything gets where it needs to be 99.9% of the time but sometimes things get lost - this is the fault of the post, and I can't be held responsible Othershipping methods are available upon request, like First Class, Priority, etc OVERSEAS SHIPPING IS FINE, but the cost will be higher due to weight and insurance.
PACKAGING: I usually wrap the books in newspaper and use a standard large envelope.
ANYTHING ELSE? lease do feel free to ask b commenting here or sending me a PM, and I'll definitely get back to you within 12-15 hours.


Pics for both are available on request!!

Evangleion Ichiban Kuji Petite Figures ($3.5 ea/discount for buying more) - Cool nendoroid-like miniatures; extremely mint condition. Includes ALL parts in great condition, never displayed. Characters available are
REI (schoolgirl version)
KAWORU (schoolboy version)
ASUKA  (schoolgirl version)


1. Last Exile Vol. 1 and Box $8
2. Evangelion Platinum Vol. 1 and Box $10

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection Info 35

1. Corpse Bride Full Screen Edition (still in shrink wrap) $2
2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Mini Discs Ed. (small DVDs that are still playable as normal DVDs) $2
3. Kill Bill Vol. 1 $2.5
4. Kill Bill Vol. 2 $2.5
5. Neon Genesis Evangelion Director's Cut (Eps. 24-26): Genesis Reborn $6
6. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2 Disc Special Edition) $4
7. Neon Genesis Evangelion Director's Cut (Eps. 21-23): Ressurection $6
8. Howl's Moving Castle $5


1. Utada Hikaru - PASSION Single Info 8
2. Evangelion OST Vol. 1 Info $7
3. L'arc en Ciel - SMILE Info $8
4. Psycho le Cemu - Beautiful World **FIRST PRESS and AUTOGRAPHED by all members! Info $17

Please be sure to read the top of this entry for helpful info on the process of buying, making offers, shipping, and contacting me. Again, offers are seriously considered. lso, you have the chance to get Japanese goods freebies like charms, stickers, etc. depending on how much I have at a time. Thank you!

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Dibs on Evangelion box set and both Kill Bills! Shipping to US?

Hi there! Unfortunately I was PMed before about the Eva box but I'm still waiting to confirm the buyer is indeed going to buy it. What is your zip again? I can estimate for the other 2 at least and the Eva books ^^ For these to your zip it's $6. Is that okay?

I don't fully understand. Do you need my zip (53593) or are you saying you have it and the total is $6?

The $6 is for shipping for everything but the Eva box set. It's been claimed by another buyer via PM. Sorry for the confusion D:

Oh, okay! So what is the total?

$8 (for Eva books) + $5 (DVDs) + $6 (ship) = $19 total. If that's alright, may I PM you details for payment?

Sorry it's taking me so long to respond! That's fine! :)

Hey there, I received your payment but unfortunately PayPal didn' include your address .-. Mind PMing me that as well?

Did you ever get my PM?

LJ will finally let me comment now! I was wondering how much the Howl's moving castle would be shipped to 63755? Thanks!

Sure! Media Mail is $5 including the price of the envelope. Is that alright? I can PM you with the details.

Hi. I'm interested in the Final Fantasy VII - Kotobukiy Vincent Valentine /8 Scale Cold-Cast Resin Statue. Would you be interested in a trade? You could check out my stuff in my journal. Thanks.

Hello! I will look over your journal, but do you have any offer price for the figure+shipping? I'm strapped for cash atm since I'm moving and would definitely consider any reasonable offer ^^

Sorry, I'm low on cash myself so I can only trade right now. Let me know if you find anything you're interested in. Thanks.

(Deleted comment)
Hello! Unfortunately no trades but it would be ~$3 shipping to there. Please let me know if you'd still like it ^^

How much would it cost to ship L'arc en Ciel - SMILE cd to Ontario Canada ?

Thanks for your interest ^^ A first class package to Canada (with the envelope it's a bit over 1 lb) it'd be $7.5. Let me know if this is doable?

yup its doable, really sorry bout late reply, had some issues with the internet on my end

I am interested in the figures, but don't know how much is each to Spain?, can I have pictures in detail? Both DVD include? Thank you!


Do you mean you'd like pictures of the actual figures taken outside the box? Just wanna make sure before PMing you.

Both the figures would be in a box that's at least 6.5x8.5x8.75 in, and the rates for that are $29 for First Class (priority is a lot more expensive for these dimensions). Or did you just want one in particular?

Both of the Director's Cut and the Evangelion OST! How much to 65802?

For the envelope+postage, it'd be $7! If that's ok, I can PM you with details. Thanks!

Are the Evangelion box set and OST still available?
Thank you!

The OST and the Platinum Box are! The regular set is not.

WTB black rock shooter figurnies.

Hi there, is your BRS figma still on sale? and is it original (not bootleg/knock off)????

Re: WTB black rock shooter figurnies.

Hello and thanks for your interest. Only the nendoroid is left. I bought both through AmiAmi Japan directly so they aren't bootlegs ^^

Re: WTB black rock shooter figurnies.

YES I WANT IT! Are you still selling the same price? how much is it to ship to malaysia?

Re: WTB black rock shooter figurnies.

Yes, it's the same $27 price. It's a bit over 2lbs total, so standard shipping is ~$17 and priority is a big high at $25. I can take $3 off since shipping seems so high... is it normally that high when you get things from the US?

Re: WTB black rock shooter figurnies.

Yes i still want it. do standard shipping have tracking number? i want tracking number. QwQ i dont want it to get lost... Shipping things from US is high but not so high .__. I really wanted that black rock shooter figma TTwTT

Re: WTB black rock shooter figurnies.

Yes, it should have tracking. I've PM'd you payment details as well so we can proceed when you're ready!

i know this post is kinda old, but oh my god those petite figures are SO CUTE. are they still for sale? if so, how much would it be for kaworu + rei, with shipping to 29464?

Hello and sorry for the delay! I was out sick for quite a while.

All the eva figures are still for sale, and the figures shipped to you would be $7 plus $5 for the envelope+shipping. If that is ok I can PM you payment details!

rei is still available if you'd like!

HOLY COW I'M SO SORRY, i completely forgot livejournal even existed for like, 8 months... WELL ANYWAYS, i lost my job since i posted that comment so i don't have much spending money at the moment HAHAHA but i'll get back to you once i have some because i still think that rei is super cute

Hi! How much would shipping for the Misato fig be to 14610? Thanks!

Hi and sorry for the MASSIVE delay, I had a ton of family events in the last 1.5 months. To your zip, misato would be $5 for the envelope+shipping!

(Deleted comment)
hi and sorry for the delay--- i do have the platinum box with vol. 1. if you message/reply with your zip i can calculate shipping if you still want it!

(Deleted comment)
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